A Conversation with Petronela Pape

It takes many visits before a community perceives us as being seriously committed to working with them. While the intensity of Nggela’s sacred feeling remains strong for me, this visit felt more [...]

The Joka Ju Festival in Nggela

Early July I received a text message from one of the traditional leaders in Nggela, Flores, inviting me to attend the traditional harvest ceremony, Joka Ju. I was eager to make this trip to learn [...]

The Ngurisang Coming of Age Ceremony

The village of Bayan in north Lombok maintains a local culture, rituals and traditions that predate the conversion to Islam of most of the community. Their traditional ceremonies always fit [...]

The Rain Cloths of Nggela, Flores

Threads of Life staff have been visiting the village of Ngella in central Flores for over a year, learning about the village’s textile traditions and searching for weavers to work with. Looking [...]

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