Threads Of Life


The Basics of Weaving

THERESIA KAROLINA, WATUBLAPI, FLORES The concept of weaving is simple: interlace perpendicular sets of threads to form a fabric. Most

Loom Mechanics

WAYAN SARIM, SERAYA, BALI On a simple loom, sticks of bamboo and polished wooden blades help the weaver raise and

Ikat Tieing

PARTIALLY TIED IKAT THREADS, LAMBANAPU, SUMBA Indonesian weavers are famous for a tie-dye technique called ikat, meaning “to tie a

Ikat Dyeing

A WEAVER IN LAMBANAPU, SUMBA When the ikat threads are dyed, the bindings resist the color, and the sections of

Double Ikat

SRIANI, TENGANAN, BALI In Tenganan, Bali, weavers tie and dye the same pattern on both the warp and the weft,


MAKING BATIK TULIS IN TUBAN, JAVA Batik, unlike ikat, is not dyed until after the cloth is woven. Batik artists

Slit Tapestry Weaving

RANGRANG WEAVING ON NUSA PENIDA Instead of a single weft that passes through all the warps, some weavers use several