Wisdom of the Ancestors: Boundaries

We live in a world that knows no boundaries. But for the indigenous people of Indonesia, boundaries are always potent invitations to see ourselves in new ways and change the ways we relate to the [...]

Wisdom of the Ancestors

Our last newsletter was entitled “Wisdom of the Ancestors” and that set me to thinking, what really is the ancestral wisdom that can serve us in this time? Several years ago I was [...]

Collaboration with Rana Helmi

If you visit our Ubud Gallery, you will find some beautiful pieces of of wearable art. in 2014, we collaborated with Rana Helmi to turn some of the textiles in vests, coats and other winter wear. [...]

Threads of Life withdraws from the WFTO

Threads of Life has been a part of the fair trade movement since we began working with Indonesia’s traditional weavers in 1997. In 2004 we became a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, [...]

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