Threads Of Life


Bali Artisans

+Bali, Nusa Penida: Morinda citrifolia tree planted in 2006 will be ready to harvest the roots for red dye colour

East Sumba Artisans

+Sumba, Umalulu: Baskets are made from lontar palm for carrying in rice harvests. They are sturdy and easy to wash

Flores Artisans

LIO-ENDE AND LIO +Flores, Lio-Ende: Master weaver tying threads (Ikat) on a tying frame before dyeing. The ties will resist

Java Artisans

+Java, Tuban: When cotton bolls are picked, the fibres are wrapped around the seeds of the cotton and need to

Kalimantan Artisans

DAYAK DESA AND DAYAK IBAN WEAVERS +Kalimantan, Dayak Iban: Women pounding the oils needed to make red dye. This ritual

Lamaholot Artisans

EAST FLORES AND ADONARA +Lamaholot, Adonara: The red dye process is a very secretive process and done with ceremony. +Lamaholot,

Savu and Raijua Artisans

+Savu, Raijua: Weavers wearing their own made textiles including the Ai Pudi all dark blue textile. +Savu, Raijua: Raijua is

Sulawesi Artisans

+Sulawesi, Toraja Karataun: Weavers with their natural dyed Sekomandi textiles that they made over the year for Threads of Life.