Threads Of Life

Tribawana: The Inner Journey and Outer Practice of Batik

“Creativity is the source of knowledge”
– Agus Ismoyo

A 5-day natural dye batik workshop.
30 January to 03 February 2017

Space limited to 12 participants

Awaken your creative potential through Java’s ancient Three Worlds Creative Process with tradition keepers Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam at the Threads of Life natural dye studio and botanical garden in Umajati Retreat, Ubud, Bali.

This 5-dayworkshop will explore the knowledge and practice of batik as two interlinking themes. Participants will receive a deep understanding of the creative process and indigenous wisdom of Java’s batik tradition. While putting wax on cloth through exercises facilitated by Agus and Nia participants will also engage in a personal creative journey that cultivates the intuitive sensitivity that the Javanese call rasa.

Beginning in 1988, husband-and-wife batik artists Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam have taught workshops and collaborated creatively with African, Australian Aboriginal and North American First Nation artists. Ismoyo comes from a family whose ancestors produced batik in Surakarta, Central Java. Fliam studied at the Pratt Institute, New York, and has practiced batik since 1983. Together they have developed a teaching methodology that embraces cultural diversity yet is deeply rooted in the cultural history of Indonesia. Their workshop introduces Java’s ancient Three Worlds (Tribawana) creative process that teaches participants to look for the source of creativity within themselves by becoming one with nature and the creative source; to discover an intuitive sensitivity (rasa) as a channel for their creative energies; and through this to forge a path to their own creative process.

Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Residential and Non-residential options.

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