small-group tours that touch the heart of Bali

Our Hidden Bali Experiences can be arranged at any time to grant you access to authentic culture that honors tradition and avoids commoditization. Building on more than 20 years of experience of leading culturally sensitive tours in Bali and based on deep relationships with local people and communities, these are intimate 3-day or 4-day tours arranged to fit your travel itineraries and led by expert guides for small groups of 2 to 6 guests. Each experience is themed around a specific aspect of Bali’s heritage.

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TextileTourPreview300The Indonesian archipelago was once the crossroads of the world. For over 3500 years, people have come here seeking fragrant spices, and textiles were the central barter objects in this story of trade, conquest and ancient tradition. An exploration of Bali’s textile art traditions grants us access to this story. Spice trade influences juxtapose with indigenous motifs throughout the archipelago: echoes of Indian trade cloths abound; imagery relates to defining aspects of the local environment; history and genealogy entwine. Uses range from traditional dress, to offerings, to the paraphernalia of marriages and funerals.

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NatureTourPreview300Bali, famous for its cascading rice fields and sacred volcanoes, sits in the middle of the second most bio-diverse country in the world. With all these natural riches, Indonesia is also the world’s fourth most populated country. It is for balance between these two – nature and humanity – that the Balinese strive. Their native Hinduism enshrines the concept as Tri Hitha Karana, wherein people seek for balance within community, balance between humanity and nature, and balance between humanity and the Divine. The beauty of Bali’s landscape, tended and sculpted by generations of farmers, bares testament to this commitment.

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