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cross Indonesia, the textile and basketry arts are women’s work, and over ninety percent of the weavers we work with are women. These arts are still strongest in the poorest, most remote regions, where there are few alternative income opportunities. Remoteness also means that there is little access to market, but when women work together in small work groups and cooperatives, they can bridge this isolation.

The Cooperatives page tells the stories of nine of the more than forty weavers groups we work with. The Artists’ Stories page gets more personal, touching on the lives of 3 of the weavers. These personal stories are at the heart of what we do. In the end, our work is about connecting people. We bring weavers from across Indonesia together to help each other maintain their culture and identity, and work out how to make a living in a rapidly changing world that is often hostile to their beliefs and practices. And we connect these indigenous people to our societies, so that their voices are heard and their values appreciated, and so that we may all be more mindful of the value of cultural diversity as we make the small day-to-day decisions that cumulatively define our shared future.

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