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Dear Friends,

We are experiencing the combined impacts upon the women weavers we work with of two major events: the climate crisis and the coronavirus. But we are also planning steps to mitigate the economic impacts for these women and their families, and it is to ask for your help with this that we are writing this newsletter.

Last year’s drought had a severe impact upon the women weavers. During our buying trips to partner communities at the end of last year, many of the textiles we were offered showed that not enough indigo plants had grown due to lack of rain, while lack of water meant weavers could not perform their dye work properly.

With the current monsoon being late and sporadic, we see that these same problems will arise again during 2020. Especially in times like this, Threads of Life’s purchasing of textiles is an important source of income for the weavers we work with. However, the cash flow that we use to buy from weavers depends on our ability to resell their work, and this ability is being challenged by the impacts upon tourism of the coronavirus.

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Indonesia has stopped flights from China. While non-Chinese tourist numbers are currently comparable to this time last year, there is always a lag between such news and its impact: those who have bought tickets still come, but those looking to book now for a future visit think again.

Anticipating this, and mindful of the climate-related challenges the weavers’ communities face, we have decided to offer for sale individual textiles from the collection of benchmark pieces that Threads of Life has held over the years for quality control. The textiles being offered have been gathered together under the theme of Textiles and the Natural World in a presentation that you can view above.

If there are any pieces that you would like to purchase to help us through this time, we would be delighted. For more information, please contact me at

Thank you for your years of support,
Jean, William Pung and the team


Savu Island. November 2019
Savu Island. November 2019

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