Heba'a Blota'a

A Heba’a Blota’a textile is dyed with indigo until it is a dark blue-black colour and used as part of the gift exchange at marriage a well as for ceremonies inaugurating a new traditional house. The bottom solid stripes are dyed with Morinda red, indigo blue and plain white threads which identifies the function of the textile.

Heba'a Eha Tenubi

A Heba’a Eha Tenubi is made with handspun cotton and is worn by a man for wedding and funeral ceremonies. It is also worn by a male dancer for a traditional war dance called Hedung. Fine Morinda red stripes are bordered by dark blue Indigo stripes which are bordered by thicker deep red stripes. This patterning is carried throughout the textile until the light blue Indigo stripe at the ends of the cloth.

Heba’a Brokan

A Heba’a Brokan is a striped textile made with handspun cotton and is worn by a preganant woman. It contains a bold yellow stripe both at the bottom and head of the cloth. The tumeric-dyed yellow is considered to have protective qualities for the unborn baby against outside negative influences. The centerfield is composed of light indigo blue stripes with small Morinda red stripes with dark blue Indigo stripes bordering these smaller stripes.

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