Ann Street Studio

A blog post from the Ann Street Studio blog after they visited and accompanied us on a trip to meet some of weavers in East Bali. Take a look at their beautiful photos of the natural dyeing [...]

Architectural Digest

Threads of Life made an appearance in this beautiful AD feature on Claire House by Ibuku  at Green Village, Bali.  The songket at the base of the bed is truly a special piece.

A Month of Ceremonies In Tenganan

Tenganan Pegeringsingan is a well known village in Bali, best known for the famous double-ikat geringsing textiles. Every year from mid-June there is a full month of ceremonies called Ngusaba [...]

A New Rangda Mask for Ubud, Bali

In early April this year I was working at my computer when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Pung, in Balinese temple wear, with a big smile on his face. “Get dressed,” he said. [...]

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