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Lou Zeldis Batik Wallet


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This wallet is made from Lou Zeldis hand drawn batik material. It is the result of much time and effort using traditional techniques of wax-resist patterning and natural dyes. Lou Zeldis was masterful in the use of design using age old batik techniques as his media- the images were inspired by nature, found objects, and his travels across the world.

Lou’s batik is combined with a Bali cotton fabric that is made on an upright loom. The designer Anar has exquisite taste in how she creates this wearable art using these materials.

Batik, cotton, natural and synthetic dyes. Zipper with inside velcro pocket. Batik in Java and designed and sewn in Bali. 2019.
16 x 10 cm / 6.5 x 4 in