Ketapu Laung

Traditional Hat

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Ketapu Laung is worn as a hat by male traditional leaders among the Dayak Desak in West Kalimantan. The crown at the top of the hat is amazing in its woven complexity and the visual result is charming.

The inner lining of the hat is woven with a flexible sedge fibre (Cyperaceae). The outer lining, which contains the motif is made with bamboo cut into thin strips. The black colour is achieved by rubbing the outer layer of the bamboo (before it is cut into stripes) with a mixture of rambutan leaves and lamp soot while the red is made by rubbing the latex of the boiled fruit called jerking (daemonorops Draco) onto the outside of the bamboo while it is still whole and before slicing it into strips.

The motif kera bepansik refers to monkeys grooming each other. As monkeys often can damage crops – the motif suggests that the community needs to take heed and protect their crops.

Basketry, sedge fibre and bamboo. Handsewn with material around the edge. Made in West Kalimantan, 2019.
60 x 19 x 16 cm / 23.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 in

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