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Traditional Cotton Gin

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Bninis is the Dawan (original language spoken on Timor) for a cotton gin. Locally grown cotton bolls are picked and the boll is fed into the rollers on the cotton gin to remove the seed. This cleaned boll is then carded and spun into thread to make textiles with.

This cotton gin is made from a sustainably harvested wood called matani (Pterocarpus indica). Traditional people have always decorated their tools for their own pleasure. Threads of Life encourages this practice as a way to generate income for remote communities such as the maker of this beautiful wooden object in Amanuban Timor.

The motifs that appear on the wooden cotton gin are also what would be carved on traditional houses and composed on textiles.

Hand carved wood, components break down, wood from matani (Pterocarpus indica). Made in Amanuban, Timor, 2019.
55 cm x 41 cm x 11 cm