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Teara Haringgi

Shoulder Cloth or Head Wrap

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This cloth would traditionally worn over the shoulder by a woman or tied around the head by men as part of traditional dress.

A headdress would have the fringe pointing upward while the hip cloth would be worn with the fringe downward – an acknowledgement of the realm of the ancestors and the spirits of the earth and living between these worlds.

Supplementary patterns such as these are heirlooms handed down from grandmother to her grand daughter when she marries so that the traditional patterns will continue. This pattern is called hawi (Caridea) that swim by the thousands from the oceans up the rivers – this symbolizing strong family ties.

Floating warp patterning, single panel, twisted fringe, commercial cotton and natural dyes. Made by T.R. Haribi Luada in Pau, East Sumba, 2019
160 x 38 cm