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Teara Haringgi

Shoulder cloth or Head Wrap

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Teara haringgi is a single panel textile that may utilize supplementary warp patterning techniques or ikat. It is worn as a shoulder cloth by Sumbanese women to complete their traditional dress or worn by women as a narrow head cloth that is sometimes used to hold a decorative comb in place.

Men also wear the ikat teara as a head cloth, but with one fringe pointing upwards and the other draped over one temple, symbolically connecting the wearer to the ancestral spirits of heaven and earth. The bird motif kaka refers to the cockatoo. As cockatoos generally are seen in groups they are seen to be symbolic of community and reminds the wearer of the textile of the importance of community, harmony and tolerance. Supplementary patterns such as this are handed down from mother to daughter as cultural heirlooms.

Floating warp patterning, single panel with twisted fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Dyed by Ana Uma and woven by Tamu Rambu Paki in, Sumba, 2019.
174 x 36 cm / 68.5 x 14 in