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Woman's Sarong

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The textiles of Miomafo area in west Timor are known for their beautiful indigo work with intricate ikat. This ikat motif is noa’no which translates as coconut leaves. Coconut palms are more scarce in the dry lands of Timor which may be why this special motif appears on a woman’s sarong. 

Threads of Life is working with a number of weavers in Oenenu to maintain the indigo work which has begun to be replaced by chemical dye work. The superb ikat work remains intact and is done by a broad range of women of different ages.

Warp ikat, three panels stiched together and sewn as a tube, commercial coton, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed and woven by Agatha Ato in Timor, 2019.
125 x 62 cm / 49 x 24.5 in