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Woman's Sarong

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This woman’s sarong made with handspun threads and natural dyes is called a tais by the people of the region of Amanatun in West Timor. The villages around Ayotupas in the northern area of Amanatun are well known for their “buna” or warp wrap technique.

The Atoni were the original people living in West Timor and the language spoken by them is Dawan. A textile of this size will take about one year to complete.

The supplementary buna decorative elements of this textile include Beso means frog. The frog is considered to symbolize the ancester. When Timorese pray for rain, frogs are the first to appear which is seen as the ancestor answering their prayers.

Supplementary warp wrap patterning, two panels stitched together and sewn as a tube, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Dyed, woven by Yusmina Linome in Timor, 2019.
109 x 64 cm / 43 x 25 in