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Woman's Sarong

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This woman’s sarong, is made using natural dyed cotton threads. The fine pattern on the foot of the cloth is called buna which is a supplementary technique whereby individual weft threads are wrapped around the length-wise warp threads producing a pattern. It takes up to eighteen months to complete this textile due to this time-consuming buna process.

The design elements of this textile incorporate the supplementary buna motif lan mese which literally means the way. When one follows the path of the ancestors then the way is clear and the greatest harmony for all can be achieved. If one examines the detail of the motif, one can see that it is a chain of joined together ancestral or human figures which are called atoni in the Dawan language.

This textile is lovely on as a wall hanging or used as throw on the bed or over a couch.

Supplementary weft patterning and warp pattening, three panels stiched together and sewn as a tube, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Dyed and woven by Rabeka Mellu in Amanuban,Timor, 2014.
118 x 62 cm

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