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Woman's Sarong

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This unusual four-part woman’s tubular sarong is made using natural dyed cotton threads. In the past the traditional sarong consisted of four parts with both top and bottom panel containing the time consuming supplementary warp wrap patterning called buna. This was a special commission piece for Threads of Life to have a sample of textiles made where both the top and bottom of a textile had the buna motifs.

Atalae is a pattern in the form of a praying mantis or stick bug but symbolizes the path of the ancestor. When we are clear and ask for guidance our path will always be clear. Other motifs that also represent the ancestor is the frog and human figure.

Supplementary warp patterning, supplementary warp wrap weave, four panels stiched together and sewn as a tube, commercial cotton, natural dyes.
Dyed, woven by Rabeka Mellu, in Timor, 2018.
117 x 57 cm / 46 x 22.5 in