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Tais Marobos Rarote

Woman's Ceremonial Sarong

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A textile such as this would be likely used as a gift exchange at marriage due to the complexity of the techniques that include ikat with the time consuming warp-wrap supplementary technique called rarote. The area of Malaka, where this textile is from, is a matriarchy-matrilineal society so this textile was saved by this woman as her bridewealth gift for her daughter’s wedding. 

The stripes within the central panel are what define this textile as a Tais Marobos textile. There are several other types of these extraordinary textiles including  Tais Keut Bati and Tais Maruka. The central ikat panel contains the pattern of ika naifa ot fish with legs and umek poat the skin of a snake. The supplementary rarote contains motifs of cecek  lizard, fean babof popcorn and mek poat or snake skin a symbol of regeneration.

Warp ikat & supplementary warp-wrap, four panels stitched together and sewn as a tube, commercial cotton, natural & synthetic dyes. Ikat tied, dyed and woven by Blandina Feot in Malaka. Timor, 2005.
135 x 62 cm / 53 x 24.5 in