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Hand Drawn Silk Scarf

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Brahma Tirta Sari batik studio who designed and dyed this scarf explores the roots of Javanese traditional batik, continuing its essence in a contemporary spirit. The art of Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam, who founded BTS in 1985, expresses the traditional belief that the creative process can touch upon the sacred.

Javanese philosophy speaks of karti kerdating sukma, work created by the vibration of the soul. Dedication to this principal, including an understanding that such work must be collaborative, has given birth to the form of batik that is the signature of the studio.

Batik hand drawn on silk, single panel, silk satin, synthetic dyes. Made in Banguntapan, Jawa, 2020. Dry clean or hand wash with mild soap and hang to dry.
175 x 43 cm / 69 x 17 in