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Threads Of Life

Golden Light

Ahimsa Meditation Shawl

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Indonesia has a long connection with India through the textile arts. Trade cloths from India were exchanged for spice and other goods from across the archipelago and motifs, dye materials and techniques have been shared across cultures through the centuries of trade between artisans.

The Seven Weaves Cooperative work with weavers in India near Nagaland. These women still have the skills to harvest raw silk from wild cocoons in the forests after the moth has hatched and flown. This kind of wild harvested silk is called ahimsa silk as no harm has been done to animal.

Threads of life supports local artists and artisans in producing the highest quality of traditional textile using natural dyes.These exquisite ahimsa silk duppata are part of traditional Indian dress. This textile was dyed by the Threads of Life Natural Dye Studio using sustainably harvested heartwood from Artocapus heterophyllus or jackfruit wood.

Information about the makers will be supplied with each cloth.
Plain weave, single panel with twisted fringe, wild harvested silk, natural dyes. Dyed golden by the Threads of Life Studio in Bali. Woven in Asam, India, 2019. 
212 x 73 cm / 83.5 x 28.5 in

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