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Shoulder Scarf

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This one panel textile is locally known as a senai which is a narrow textile woven to be worn over the shoulder or around the neck by a woman to compete her traditional dress. Tapobali is a quiet village situated on a hill overlooking the Savu Sea located on the south coast of Lembata. The people of Tapobali are seasonal fishermen, farmers and lontar tappers.

The primary motif kelapa is the name for the toolbox used to make and repair the boats called peledang in Lamalera. These boats, with palm leaf sails, are rowed by 13 men in search of large prey on the high seas.

Warp Ikat, single panel, twisted fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Made in Topogali, Lembata, 2019
176 x 19 cm / 69.5 x 7.5 in