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Ceremonial Cloth

IDR 10,000,000

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The sekomandi textile maybe made as two ikat panels sewn together as a wide single textile. Often there are two additional narrow panels sewn on to either side. These side panels are called LeteSekomandi textiles are used to decorate the traditional houses during ceremonies as a sign that the entire ritual cycle had been performed such as weddings.

The motif on this cloth is called tobo alangTobo means carving and alang refers to the traditional rice barn. This motif would be found on the intricately carved rice barns as well as on textiles. This would be a reference to importance of storing food after a harvest and is a reminder “to gather the fruits of your labor”.

The colours and ikat work on this textile are done by a master weaver and dyer and is seldom of this high of a standard.

Warp ikat, Commercial cotton Natural dyes, Made by Lilis in Batuisi, Sulawesi, 2019
218 x 135 cm