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Ceremonial Hanging

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There are at least six important textiles used by the ethnic group of To Mangki people of on the western mountain range of Toraja who refer to themselves as Toraja Karataun. Sekomandi is one of these important textiles and is used to decorate the traditional houses during ceremonies as a sign that the full ritual cycle had been performed.

This motif tobo alang would be found on the intricately carved rice barns as well as on textiles. This would be a reference to importance of storing food after a harvest and is a reminder “to gather the fruits of your labor”.

Warp ikat, two panels sewn together, open fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed and woven in Karataun, Sulawesi, 2019.
220 x 138 cm / 86.5 x 54.5 in