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Eco-Print and Tea Bowl Gift


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We curated this sublime gift while thinking of how to help create calm during these stressful times. The exquisite eco-art on handmade paper using an eco-print method with natural dyes and plants. This art is hand stitched onto handspun cotton so that it can be hung on your wall just as scrolls containing calligraphy along with flowers or art are found in the recessed Tokonoma space in traditional Japanese homes. Price includes shipping and gift box.

We have sewn a sleeve in the cotton backing for you to hang and have included a hand built ceramic tea bowl by Buji to use for flowers or tea as you sit and relax feeling a sense of peace and beauty.

Handmade paper, eco-print, natural dye of indigo leaf, marigold and sappan wood, stitched onto handspun cotton, handwoven cloth from Java. Hand built ceramic tea bowl by Buji. Just to hold this cup that seamlessly forms to your hands will give you a sense of centeredness that is so necessary in these times. Paper art by Mila Schwaiko, Ceramics by Buji. Made in Bali, 2020.

Textile and Paper art size 115 x 33 cm / 45.5 x 13 in