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Woman's sarong

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This two-part woman’s ceremonial sarong is made with handspun cotton. It would have likely been used as a ceremonial gift exchange at marriage as this textile was never worn but saved in the clan house. Threads of Life purchased this textile in the early 2000’s as we were looking at where we might be able to work and revive these exquisite traditional arts. Our finances never allowed us to get out past East Timor to the Molucca’s and budget for multipe trips to get the textile art revived. It takes a better part of 5 years in our experience to have the trust of the artisans and community, to gather enough information about the natural dyes used and if these plants are readily available, if recipes are remembered and to begin to order small pieces as we saw what was possible to make this generation.

Warp ikat, two panels stiched together, handspun cotton, natural & synthetic dyes.
Ikat tied, dyed, woven in the South Moluccas, c.1970s
138 x 58 cm / 54.5 x 23 in

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