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Woman’s Breast Wrap

IDR 3,750,000

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This textile was made by weavers in Nusa Penida. Threads of Life works with farmers and weavers across Bali to re-establish natural-dye and sacred weaving traditions, and with the Balinese public to revitalize the role played by these textile in the island’s cultural life.

This textile is called rangrang which translates as space or hole in Balinese. A slit tapestry weave is used to creates this open pattern. This textile is worn as an upper body wrap by women in Nusa Penida, for Dewa Yadnya ceremonies which are the ceremonies performed for the gods.The slit tapestry pattern are individually designed by each weaver.

Slit tapestry, single panel, twisted fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Dyed by Ngurah Hendrawan, woven by Ni Nyoman Seru in Nusa Penida, 2021.
206 x 82 cm / 81 x 32.5 in