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Pua Kumbu

Ceremonial Hanging

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Pua kumbu refers to a large blanket made with red dye (Morinda citrifolia). It is used as a decorative hanging during harvest ceremonies called Gawaii where it may be hung or used as the blanket upon which offerings are placed for the ancestors. The mordanting process to achieve the red colour requires many different plants from the forest and is still performed with a ritual.

A pua may be used to cover a person who is ill during a healing with a traditional doctor. The Dayak textiles have been highly regarded for their unique designs; many of which are from dreams giving them permission to weave the motifs. The central motif on this textile is called jelu and lensat. Jelu is the word used by the Dayak Desa to describe a group of special or sacred animals, which includes crocodiles, pythons, pigs, and other animals that are used in ritual slaughters and offerings. The second pattern lensat refers to the langsat fruit, which is similar to the lychee in size and texture of the flesh. Langsat grows on a tree in the Mohogany family with the scientific name of lansium domesticum. For the Dayak Desa people the langsat fruit is not simply for eating, but is also a symbol of family and kinship. When this fruit is harvested it is considered compulsory to share some with all members of your broader family network.

Warp ikat, commercial cotton, two panels sewn together to make a blanket, twisted fringe, natural dyes. Ikat, tied, dyed and woven by Kristina Linda in Sintang, Kalimantan, 2020.
220 x 98 cm / 86.5 x 38.5 in