Pori Londong

Ceremonial Hanging

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There are at least six important textiles used by the ethnic group of To Mangki people of on the western mountain range of Toraja who refer to themselves as Toraja Karataun. This extraordinary four and half meter pori londong is a single panel with a mix of the important ikat motifs on it. Pori means ikat and londong means long cloth. It would be used for ceremonies such as a funeral procession where the cloth would be carried above the heads of family members, ceremonially connecting them to the deceased.

The central motif on this textile include; dappu which is an depression a reminder that when a promise is made it cannot be reversed, lepo a betelnut basket, tobo alang which is often found carved on traditional rice barns as well and symbolizes abundance and Rapung a memory of a cave where the community hid during the time of the Dutch.

Warp ikat, single panel, open fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. ikat tied, dyed, woven in Karataun, Sulawesi. 2019
452 x 66 cm / 178 x 26 in

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