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Pori Londong

Ceremonial Hanging

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Pori Londong is a single panel ikat textile made on a continuous warp traditional loom by the To Mangki weavers. It would be used to wrap around a traditional house during a ceremony. It takes remarkable skill to weave cloths of this length and are only made by master weavers.

The central motifs on this textile include the most important textile motifs for the To Mangki people. The central motif on this textile is called ulu karua refers to the eight traditional leaders who have specific roles and responsibilities for the well being of their community. Other motifs include; tonoling referring to a village where there are ritual ties, lelen sepu or betelnut container which refers to the need to create social harmony. Border in the middle of the cloth that separates the repeat of the series of these designs is called tumbak or adze.

Warp ikat, single panel, open fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed and woven by Hartati in Mamuju, Sulawesi, 2019.
404 x 54 cm / 159 x 21.5 in