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Architectural Hanging

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This striking black and white textile used mud and tannin from the leaves of Homolanthus sp. to obtain the colour. It was repeatedly dyed and then washed in a fast-flowing river until no colour came out.

Black and white textiles are said to pre-date the red and blue sekomandi textiles. The Morilotong symbolized duality of heaven and earth. Humans must find the balance of living between these two worlds.

The totandung motif is said to be the oldest motif known to the To Mangki Karautaun people. No other motif may be combined with the totandung which is said to represent the sentiment of celebrating and appreciating our successes.

Warp ikat, two panels sewn together, open fringe, commercial threads, natural dyes.
Made by Dorkas in Karataun, West Sulawesi, 2019.
206 x 127 cm