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Architectural Hanging

IDR 6,617,647

Morilotong is the name for the black and white architectural ceremonial hanging used by the people of Bulo who call themselves To Mangki Karataun in West Sulawesi. The striking black and white textile using mud dyes and the rich tannin from the leaves of the Homolanthus tree. The threads are soaked in a tannin and dyed in particular types of mud and then washed repeatedly in the river to achieve the distinct and clear white and deep black.

This cloth predates the Sekomandi textile which uses red and blue dyes. The black and white of the Morilotong textile symbolizes duality or heaven and earth. Humans live between these worlds. The motif is koko’ refers to a depression or something that that cannot be brought back to a normal. This is a reference to making a decision that cannot be changed or the bonds of relationship that cannot be undone.

This textile is lovely on as a wall hanging or used as throw on the bed or over a couch.

Warp ikat, two panels stitched together, open fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes.
Ikat tied, dyed, woven by Melia in Mamuju, Sulawesi, 2019.
212 x 130 cm / 83.5 x 51 in