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Mau Tnanaf


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Timor has a wide range of textiles with various techniques including ikat, supplementary warp wrap called buna and supplementary warp patterning called sotis. There are also a few remote areas that are able to weave a kilem pattern. This lovely textile requires an incredibly amount of time to complete as it utilizes the time consuming buna technique.

Threads of Life works with this group to maintain the weaving art and provides the community with threads that have been dyed at the Threads of Life dye studio in hopes to begin to recover some of the natural dye techniques as well over time. The central motif on this textile ma’kaif is refers to a hooked pattern that represents interconnectedness.

Supplementary warp wrap patterning, single panel, open fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Dyed and woven by Felpina Tana in Timor, 2019.
198 x 43 cm / 78 x 17 in