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Mau Naek

Man's Hip Cloth

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Mau naek is a man’s hip cloth which traditionally had ikat motif in the center field. The weavers of Amanuban have a wide range of textiles with various techniques including ikat, supplementary warp wrap called buna and supplementary warp patterning called sotis.

There are also a few remote areas that are able to weave a kelim pattern locally called naisa. Traditionally, a textile with sotis would only be worn by someone of nobility.

Kolo means a bird. According to an old story, there was once a weaver that was spinning thread and a pair of birds sat nearby in a tree and sung, which gave the weaver inspiration for her motif.

This is an unusually beautiful piece as the ikat of the bird motif and the deep mud dye black make the textile very stunning.

Warp ikat, Two panels stiched together, open fringes, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed, woven by Dorkas Talan
In Timor, 2019.
198 x 128 cm / 78 x 50.5 in