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Potency Interior Decor

Handspun Cotton

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This ikat textile is made by the weavers of Amanuban, they have a wide range of textiles with various techniques including: ikat, supplementary warp wrap called buna, and supplementary warp patterning called sotis. There are a few remote areas that still weave kelim patterns locally called naisa.

The sotis patterning on this cloth depicts a centipede or beb nise. Centipedes have a very toxic bite and are avoided by humans when encountered. The potency of the centipede is what is captured in the patterning of this cloth and this characteristic transfers to the person wearing the cloth.

Floating warp patterning, single panel, handspun cotton, twisted fringe, natural dyes. Dyed and woven in Amanuban, Timor, 2019
148 x 10 cm / 58.5 x 4 in

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