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Mau Ana

Woman’s Shoulder Cloth

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Mau ana is a single panel woman’s shoulder cloth. The weavers of Amanuban have a wide range of textiles with various techniques including ikat, supplementary warp wrap called buna and supplementary warp patterning called sotis.

This motif Makai bia suna ana is made using the time consuming technique called buna which requires wrapping each warp thread with a weft coloured thread to create the motif. This textile is lovely hung on a wall or used as a table runner.

Supplementary warp wrap patterning, single panel, open fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Threads dyed by Threads of Life dye studio. Woven by Loni Talan in Timor, 2018.
170 x 17 cm / 67 x 6.5 in