Threads Of Life

The Way of the Ancestor

Timor Mau Ana

IDR 3,142,857

Item Code: T03.TM.BK.301

In Timor, textiles are used for almost all rituals: they are among the principle gifts made by the bride’s family during marriage rites, they enshroud the dead, and they function as important ritual objects in rites as varied as roof raising and rice planting ceremonies. Traditionally bright and colorful, Timorese textiles have long been with chemical dyes but working with Threads of Life over the past 20 years many weavers and dyers have recovered their knowledge of natural dyes.

The motif Lan Mese which means the way of the ancestor implies if you follow a path with an open heart and aware of the connection we have with all life that your way will be smooth. This time consuming technique called buna requires a wrapping of warp threads to create the motif

Information about the makers will be supplied with each cloth.
Supplementary weft wrap patterning, single panel, twined border with twined fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Woven by in Bokong, Timor, 2011.
175 x 28 cm / 69 x 11 in

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