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Lou Zeldis Shirt

Hand Drawn Batik

IDR 1,700,000

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This hand-drawn batik shirt is a Lou Zeldis original. It is the result of much time and effort using traditional techniques of wax-resist patterning and natural dyes. Lou Zeldis was masterful in the use of design using age old batik techniques as his media- the images were inspired by nature, found objects, and his travels across the world.

This shirt was designed from a single long batik panel with a protective geringsing double ikat design. No two are the same. As a woman they are great worn as a loose open shirt.

Threads of Life has negotiated the rights to continue to produce Lou Zeldis designs with Indonesian artists and expects that the first small production run will be available in December 2020. Lou Zeldis also designed jewelry and this is available at https://www.louzeldis.com

Batik hand drawn, commercial cotton, natural dyes.
Made in Java, 2019.
Unisex size: US Extra Large
Neck : 42 x cm / 16.5 x 0 in
Chest : 132 x cm / 52 x 0 in
Sleeve : 64 x cm / 25 x 0 in
Lenght : 85 x cm / 33.5 x 0 in