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Lou Zeldis Batik

Decorative Hanging

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This hand-drawn batik is a Lou Zeldis original. It is the result of much time and effort using traditional techniques of wax-resist patterning and natural dyes. Lou Zeldis was masterful in the use of design using age old batik techniques as his media – the images were inspired by nature, found objects, and his travels across the world. They are a one of a kind as with Lou’s death in 2012 they are no longer being produced.

This textile is from the body of work of Lou Zeldis. The Javanese script at the bottom translates the motif the name of the makers and the name of the designer, Lou Zeldis with the year. The motif is called poleng jawa or javanese checkered cloth. Poleng is akin to the yin yang symbol and the need to find balance.

This cloth is wonderful as wall hangings or as a table cloth or wrap yourself up in a sarong.

Batik hand drawn, single panel, commercial cotton, natural dyes.
Made by Lou Zeldis in Java, 2010.
245 x 105 cm / 96.5 x 41.5 in