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Octopus and Crayfish

Sumba Pahudu Kiku

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This beautiful indigo dyed ceremonial woman’s sarong has supplementary patterning pahudu which is done at the time of the weaving. The use of white threads creates a striking pattern on this sarong. These patterns are considered part of the heirloom gifts a woman receives from her mother at the time of her marriage. They are treasured and considered to be only her lineages right to reproduce.

The supplementary warp patterning is called wita or an octopus with its’ eight limbs. The octopus is symbolic of the eight levels that we move through when we pass from this earth into the final level that is of the divine ancestor. The motif kurang luku refers to a crayfish as a reminded that like the crayfish it is important to work together just as crayfish swim together in a stream.

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Plain weave with supplementary warp patterning, two panels stitched together and sewn as a tube, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed and woven In Pau, East Sumba, 1970.
121 x 63 cm / 47.5 x 25 in

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