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Lau Pahuda

Woman's Ceremonial Skirt

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Lau is a traditional tubular sarong worn by Sumbanese women for ceremonial occasions. It is worn as a dress covering the breasts with the top of the tube simply gathered and held in place with the left armpit or turned down an appropriate length and worn skirt-like. The lower band of pahudu supplementary warp patterning is called tamga wahilu or betelnut basket.

A textile of this quality would be used as a gift exchange during the wedding negotiations between high ranking families. The colours achieved on this cloth are seldom seen to be so superb.


Supplementary warp patterning, two panels stitched together and sewn into a tube, handspun cotton, natural dyes. Made in East Sumba, 2004.
141 x 58 cm / 56 x 23 in