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Kreot Nai Juan

Woman's Sarong

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Kreot Nai Juan is a two-part bride wealth tubular sarong with uncut warp. It is essential to the gifts that accompany marriage along with the more valuable ritual textile the three-part Kreot Nai Telon. The more parts, the higher the value of the sarong. Textiles offered to the groom’s family by the bride’s clan are exchanged for elephant tusks which are held by clans dating back to about the 16th century. With all of these tubular sarongs, the warp threads remain uncut symbolizing the bond and commitment to the community. These textiles are never worn.

The central motif on this textile is called kugupungan referring to the flower of a tree locally called kugung (Microcos sp). This motif is reminiscent of the floral Patola designs from Indian trade cloths that were part of the currency of the spice trade.

Warp ikat, handspun cotton, three panels stitched together as tube, uncut warp, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed and woven in Wulandoni, Lembata, 2016.
118 x 72 cm