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Indigo Rain Design

Hijab Head Scarf

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This simple lightweight head covering is made using a resist dye technique called Kelani from West Africa. Kelani refers to darkened eyelashes. This resist technique requires precision in pleating the cloth and then wrapping a string around that pleated section. The next section the maker must reverse the pleats and tie this off with string as well. The string or rope needs to be pulled very tight so that the resist pattern is very sharp.

The pleated and tied cloth is then dyed in indigo blue to the colour depth required. Threads of Life uses all-natural dyes and all-natural techniques in its indigo dyeing so that no chemical is used in the process whatsoever.

After the dyed rope cloth reaches the desired blue, the string or rope is then opened and the entire cloth is exposed to the air so that the oxygen can transform the indigo to its deep blue colour.

Resist dye kelani, cellulose fabric, indigo. Made in Bali by the Threads of Life Natural Dye Studio, 2021.
215 x 74 cm / 84.5 x 29 in

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