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Kain Bidang

Ceremonial Hanging

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Kain Bidang is an single panel ikat woven textile made by the Dayak Desa women in the Sintang area of West Kalimantan. A bidang is a single panel textile that is then opened and sewn into a tubular skirt whereas a kain bidang is left as an open single textile. Kain bidang will be used for ceremonies upon which offerings are placed or it may wrap an offering. The mordanting process to achieve the red dye is complex as it requires many different plants from the forest and must be performed with a ritual. The Dayak textiles have always been highly regarded for their unique designs, many of which were originally woven from dreams.

The motifs on this textile is called lekuk, and anak jelu. Lekuk refers to a coiled shape, like that of a coiled snake or phython. The lekuk motif symbolises the qualities of self protection. Using the lekuk motif is also a way to pay symbolic respect to snakes and their ancestors. The second pattern anak jelu refers to the babies of jelu animals. The term jelu refers to a certain group of animals that are important or sacred to the Dayak Desa, which includes feared animals such as the python or crocodile, prized eating animals such as pig, or other animals that may be used in ritual slaughters or offerings.

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Warp ikat, commercial cotton, single panels, twisted fringe, natural dyes. Ikat, tied, dyed and woven in Sintang, Kalimantan, 2020.
160 x 56 cm / 63 x 22 in