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Man’s Ceremonial Hip Cloth

IDR 10,000,000

Item Code: T02.SU.RI.PYRE.003

Designed for a king, this regal cloth is of an ostentatious length. Traditionally, the royals of  Umululu were identified by their black clothing. The deep indigo-blue overdyed with morinda-red to achieve a black color, such as on the stripes that appear on this textile, is achieved only by master dyers. The textile is worn draped over the shoulder and so that the motifs appear in the front and on the back upright to the viewer. A matching piece is usually worn as a hipcloth.

The prominent motif on the head and foot of this cloth is the naga dragon which is a trademark of this royal compound. The floral pattern above the dragons wala kanuru is the flower of the betelnut tree Acacea catechu. The nut of this tree is essential for ritual and as a offering for guests. Additional motifs are the wuya crocodile and the kara or turtle. . The space is filled with sea horses and green vipers as these animals are seen as being unusual and powerful and imbue the wearer of the cloth with their essence.The mahang lion motif standing on either side of a tree of life are reminiscent of the Dutch heraldry found on coins and materials denoting status.

This stunning textile could be hung on a wall or a throw on a couch.

Information about the makers will be supplied with each cloth.
Warp ikat, two panels sewn together, commercial cotton, natural dyes, kabakil striped edging and twisted fringe. Ikat tied, dyed and woven in Sumba, 2021.
314 x 131 cm / 123.5 x 51.5 in


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