Threads Of Life

Hinggi Hakanaeng

Section of Man's Hip Cloth

IDR 3,428,571

Item Code: T02.SU.HP.367

Hinggi is a two-panel cloth sewn into one wide cloth is designed to function in both present and future. This is a single panel of that two part hinggi textile.The village of Hama Parengu where this textile is made maintains its’ animistic ties to the Marapu ancestral beliefs – still following the traditional ways of caring for the land and maintaining strong social ties.

The motif wala mangata is the central motif which is a poisonous flower and is often often planted around a crop to keep birds away. The birds on the textile are called kaka kadambung or atwo-headed cockatoo. The two headed cockatoo is about having the abiltiy to listen to two different opinions when considering an important choice.

Information about the makers will be supplied with each cloth.
Warp ikat, single panel with twined fringe, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed, woven in Sumba. 2018
276 x 59 cm / 108.5 x 23 in

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