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Handspun Cotton Scarf Gift


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This handspun scarf comes with a special handmade box curated for each scarf. As a special present for yourself or your loved one we will send direct to them with a note from you. The price includes free shipping.

A seser is a traditional textile handwoven from locally grown handspun cotton and woven in East Java. The Threads of Life Natural Dye Studio uses only sustainably harvested materials to achieve the colours of; indigo using Strobailanthes cusia, mustard Artocarpus heterophyllus wood, deep rust Ceriops tagal bark and deep brown Ceriops tagal bark and fermented mud.
Ceriops tagal bark is harvested from locally managed FSC Mangrove system in Papua.

Plain weave, single panel, twisted fringe, handspun cotton, natural dyes by the Threads of Life Dye Studio, Made in Bali, 2020. Dry clean or hand wash with mild soap and hang to dry.
230 x 49 cm / 90.5 x 19.5 in