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Ha Li

Woman's Ceremonial Sarong

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Indonesian textiles are thought to be closely linked to the textiles of Hainan in China. This is newly made handspun textile called a Ha Li is made by weavers of the Yu Long region on Haianan where they are still practicing this age old tradition. This is an excellent example of the beautiful ikat and natural dye techniques that are still be practiced by a few weavers in this area. It is an important collection piece for anyone who loves Indonesian textiles.

The indigo used is Indigofera tinctoria and it is overdyed to a deep black with Castanopsis bark and stems of Polyathia viridis which have a high tannin content. This textile is already prepared with museum quality backing so that it can be hung and admired on a wall.

Warp ikat , four panels sewn into a tube, handspun cotton and natural dyes. Tied, dyed and woven by Fu Yiong in Yu Long village, Hainan, China 2019.
114 x 59 cm / 45 x 23 in