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Decorative Wooden Box

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There are several groups of Batak found in North Sumatra several hours outside of the city of Medan. They include Batak Karo, Batak Samosir and Batak Simalungun. Images such as this mask are often seen on the traditional Batak house called Bolon which are found around Lake Toba.

Wooden storage containers have been used traditionally by Batak people to carry medicine or amulets for protection or to store prcecious goods. The gorga patterns on these wooden objects are representative of what would have been found on such containers or from carvings found on the tradtional houses such as stylized elephant and tiger heads.

The wood, called ingul locally (Toona sureni), is sustainably grown. Threads of Life supports the continuation of the traditional cultural arts which includes not only textiles but also wood working, basketry and other art forms.

Hand carving, one piece, wood (Toona sureni), made in Samosir, Sumatera, 2018.
15 x 11 cm / 6 x 4.5 in